OTP 2014

OTP 2014

Beitragvon familyman » Do 26. Dez 2013, 19:49

Hello all,

here are the latest news about this nice and strong event !!

Please read, understand and take part in this event to bring one to the ride of a lifetime !

Mails by Hans - Ove Goertz, AAD for Europe:

"Hi all,

This year,,, we're nominating Members from Europe.
Below are the OFFICIAL Eligibility requirements.
I have decided that for 2014, members in the OTP Team and former Travelers are not eligible, that a nominee have a bit stronger tie to had put up an event or being a teamleader in a rally/national.

Since everyone can't be eligible, I have decided the eligibility requirements.
1. Past OtP Travellers are not eligible.
2. Nominee must be a "current" COG or GCE member.
3. Nominee must have put on a COG/GCE Event or been a Team Leader on a COG/GCE National .
4. Nominee will be required to fill out a questionaire on themself.
The answers will be used to determine eligibility and as a means of introducing
the Nominee to the club.
5. Nominee must be willing to assume expenses above what is collected.
(approximate trip cost $2000)
6. Nominee must be able to "quickly" get a passport.
7. Nominee is not to be a frequent traveler to US.
(Hans hopes to send someone who has "never" been to US)
8. Nominee must have time available for the trip.
(approx 2+ weeks)
9. Nominee must write a Post Ride Report about his trip for the club to read.
10. Nominee may be asked to make a short presentation at the 2014 "GCE rally".
11. Nominee must taste an US Delicacy...
(NOTE: We will use the annual served delicasy - evil grin)
12. Nominee must be willing to sleep in a loud, disturbing, environment.
(for instance, near other COGers snoring)

NOTE: Volunteer needed to share room with "Winners".
Requirments; "Must snore loudly" and/or "shower seldom".
(We want nothing but the best for our Traveler)..
I am planning to attend the COG Rally on my own expense and experience some nice people and riding as when I attended the COG Y2K rally.

Have to go for now. Please start considering who you want to nominate to go
the "Over the Pond"...................
Hans in Sweden
OTP instigator"

"Hi all,
Here goes the rules for the OTP 2014!
0. During the nomination - all candidates - will provide information
about riding skill/experience.

1. The selected travellers will receive the economic (as much as we
collect) support for travel to US. The selected travellers have to state
that he or she willingly will put up his/her own money to cover rest of
the travel expenses that may occur. The selected travellers have to make a
report of the travel in the Concourier and also have a webversion on the
2. This year we are looking for two Traveles to be selected. In the event of a tie vote we will have a
run-off vote between only the two nominee's that tied.

3. All collected money - will be shared 50/50 - needed for the airfare and some pocket money -
will go to the travellers.

4. Travel period approx 21 days - preferable arrival in US (approx June
9th) departure (approx June30th). Final decision is made together with
the travellers to suit his/hers needs.

5. Participation in COG Rally (25th anniverasry) in Johnson City, Tenneessee, time and place June 14th - June 22nd, is the purpose of the travel.

6. Decided time span that we (me and the OTP team and volunteers) will support the
travellers (~June 9 ~June 30th) - time outside that will be personal
planning = You´re on Your own.

7. If there are bikes pledged. Pledgers are solely responsible for the
bike and that the bike will be in order for the traveler to use - and organize
another one if the first brakes down. Pledged bike that will be used is to be returned as

8. The traveller will need a place to stay (several places), incl. some
entertaining and food...(pending COG/GCE volunteers).

9. Participating in GCE-rally (this is personal cost)

10. Travel to COG Rally from bike pickup and participating in COG-Rally,
COGers are invited to pledge B&B etc etc

11. Place to stay, incl. some entertaining and food...(pending COG

I have calculated that the travellers ought to have no cost
of lodging due to volunteers from the COG - w´ll see ´bout that. If
You have any additional thoughts and ideas that You want to convey -
please step forward and make your voice heard!

Hans in Sweden
OTP Instigator"

"The OTP team have gathered strength again and subsequently started the OTP XII today - with
Your help we are getting two europeans who will participate in the COG rally (June 16th- June 20nd) in
Tenneessee. Rally central will be the Holiday Inn of Johnson City!

We are looking for two travellers!

All previous travellers have their stories and photos on the web - go and have a look at http://www.eu.zggtr.org/!

Who will it be for 2014?

Please look for all detailed rules at http://www.eu.zggtr.org/

Here is the plan - The 2014 schedule:

Pledges taken, from today until June 1 st

Pledge collection, from today until June 1 st

Nominations for eligible members, to be received by 2014 Jan 12th

(Past OtP Travellers and "the OtP Team" are not eligible).

Contact with nominees, (to discuss eligibility) 2014 Jan 13-19th

Final Candidates posting and presentation, 2014 Jan 22nd

Final voting and support notes, 2014 Jan 22nd - Feb 22nd

Winner Selection, 2014 Feb 23rd

Winner contact, 2014 Feb 24-25th

Runner-up (3rd place) Drawing, 2014 Feb 25th

Runner-Up contact, 2014 Feb 25-27th

Winners and Runner-up presentation, 2014 Feb 28th

Travel Arrangements, 2014 Feb 28- March 30th

Ticket purchase, by 2014 ASAP

Traveler arrival in US, approx 2014 June 9th ((TBD))
Arrive COG Rally, approx June 16th ((TBD))
Participate in COG Rally, approx 2014 June 16th - June 20th ((TBD))
Depart COG Rally, approx June 20th ((TBD))

If You want to nominee a GCEer and/or make a pledge - contact me off list
To send in money for your pledge, please look for a separate email with all details.

We are looking for pledges like - money, bike somewhere in US, help at
airports, lodging, travel companions to and from the COG Rally - COGgers and
GCEers make things happen!

Hans in Sweden
OTP instigator
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Re: OTP 2014

Beitragvon wolfram » Mi 29. Jan 2014, 15:00

The travelers to go "Over the Pond" 2014 is Walter Jung from the city Bad Laasphe and Richard Reinke from the city Schlüchtern-Elm
and they are both from Germany !!!!!!!!!
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Re: OTP 2014

Beitragvon WalterJ » Fr 31. Jan 2014, 09:01

Dear all,
Before introducing myself I would like to thank all the people who gave me the opportunity to be selected as an Over The Pond traveler.
When I received the message from Hans Ove , that we will have two travelers, Walter Jung and Richard Reinke, I could just not believe it and I thought, since English is not my mother language, I did not understand it correctly .
When Gie from Belgium then congratulated us on OTP I realized that it is true and I will travel to America.
For those who do not know me: in 2011 I was also nominated but that year Bernd Neumann made the first place ahead of Gie and myself.
My name is Walter Jung, 51 years young, from Germany and I live with my wife Jutta (who, by the way, is very sad that she cannot accompany me) in Bad Laasphe .
With her I have visited a lot of meetings in Germany and Europe. There I occasionally worked as a guide or co-organizer. In the end I accompanied Darell Anderson a bit during his stay in Germany in 2012 .
My activities in terms of GCE almost stopped completely when I suffered from a severe food poisoning on the GCE Rally 2011 in Slovakia and I just got healthy again in fall 2013.

I am very happy that the COC and the GCE enable me to get this great trip.

Walter Jung
Ich danke allen die geschwiegen haben, obwohl sie nichts zum Thema zu sagen hatten.
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Re: OTP 2014

Beitragvon Bernd #43 » Mi 12. Feb 2014, 08:02

OTP 2014 pledges

Hi my friends, the COG will have its anniversary 25th National rally this year.

Therefore the OTP organisation team decided to have no Over The Pond event in 2013 but bring over 2 travellers at once in 2014.

The winners (travelers) who will get that honour are Richard Reinke and Walter Jung. Both are from Germany and good friends as well.

The COG national will be early this year. So we need to by the flight tickets now for the travelers asap.

And here is my wish to you:
We need money donations soon! Only the tickets will cost about 3000 - 4000 €.
There is the double rate of donations necessarry than in the past to make that "trip of a lifetime" happen for both.

Richie and Waju got a lot of concrats. Now they need the money!

In order to prevent transfer and change rate losses it is better to collect the pledges at this side of the "pond" not in America but in Europe and we decided to use over here my PayPal account bernd.neumann@jaegerhaus.net

Even the smallest sum is welcome - if it is big enough .
We need it now!

OTP is great! You could be the next.
Bernd Neumann
OTP chief slave laborer Europe
OTP traveler 2011
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Bernd #43
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Re: OTP 2014

Beitragvon wolfram » Mi 11. Jun 2014, 06:10

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Re: OTP 2014

Beitragvon WalterJ » Do 25. Dez 2014, 22:06

Dear Friends here in Europa and there in Amerika over the Pond. Now the year is almost at the end and I want to thank all of you who made my journey in summer possible with organisation, gifts, hosts and personal help. Have a merry xmas and a happy and healthy new year 2015.

Walter Jung, OtP 2014
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Re: OTP 2014

Beitragvon WalterJ » Do 25. Dez 2014, 22:09

Mika Pitkänen hat in GTR Club Europe - GCE gepostet
Mika Pitkänen
Mika Pitkänen 21. Dezember 20:02
Hi guys,
You can find a new report from this years Over The Pond at clubs website http://eu.zggtr.org/ Enjoy there Richard's and Walter's adventure...
| Welcome @ The GTR Club Europe |
Home of the GTR Club Europe. Kawasaki GTR 1000 owners
Ich danke allen die geschwiegen haben, obwohl sie nichts zum Thema zu sagen hatten.
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